Jim Weaver
Jim Weaver

In my artwork I integrate environmental and social themes. I do this with compositions that remind how the Earth and its environment support human activity. I often represent this support literally by depicting the ground below our feet. In that ground we find resources—minerals, oil and gas; remains of ancient organisms; and the detritus of former civilizations. In my work these are seen where the ground is cut open and reveals to the viewer what is hidden from the surface. Upon this stage are set human interactions with each other and the environment. These can be related to appreciation of the earth, extraction of resources, hazards in the environment, fate of animals and humans, and the relationships among people. The messages in these works vary, but the overarching theme is the dependence of human life on the environment.

Personal history led me to a primary art form:  tooled leather.  Leather tooling is primarily practiced as a fine craft which sees its highest expression in western gear.  I extend it by expressing contemporary environmental and social themes of my greatest concern.   Then I extend tooled leather further by using it in relief printing.  Much of this is still experimental and the results have often been unexpected.

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